Betel Plant

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Betel Plant

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It's that time of year again, and temperatures are dropping across the country. We'll continue shipping plants in warm areas, but we will have to stop shipping plants to places where temperatures are below freezing.

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A gorgeous plant that thrives in low light and tolerates soggy feet, betel leaf (Piper betle) is an important plant in the Ayurvedic tradition. It is typically recommended as stimulant, a general health tonic and as a breath freshener. Betel also plays an important role in Indian culture, and Hindus often wrap money in betel leaves before giving it to their priests.

It is a vine so it can be grown to climb up a tree or fence during the summer, or trained to spill over the edge of a pot in a hanging basket. It grows rapidly but appears to grow most quickly in the warm temperatures and long days of summer.


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Today ,I received carefully packaged healthy betel plant and really appreciate the quick response to clarify our doubts.

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