Bio-Enviro Concentrate

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Bio-Enviro Concentrate

When we first talked to this formulator, we thought he had lost his mind. Who would put neem oil in a product designed to clean everything from glass and cars to laundry and garage floors? Turns out he was right - enzymes and neem work synergistically.

The all-natural ingredients include purified de-ionized water, a surfactant blend derived from coconut oil and palm kernel oil, glycerin, an all-natural enzyme blend, peppermint oil, neem oil, wintergreen oil, d-limonene (extracted from citrus rinds) and citronella oil.

If you don't believe us -- and we wouldn't blame you! --  ask for a free ½-ounce sample with your next order.  The 16-ounce concentrate makes up 32 gallons of glass cleaner, works on 16 loads of laundry or makes eight gallons of heavy-duty cleaner.

16 ounces


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My favorite cleaner, hands down! It smells fresh and does a great job on everything! We love it on carpet, mattresses, countertops... really a great product.

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