Cold-Pressed Neem Oil

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Cold-Pressed Neem Oil

Premium wild-crafted neem oil, cold-pressed and solvent-free. This is an all-natural product and does not have an EPA-registered label to treat  fungus or insect pests. We can ship it anywhere in the US.

It can be used on plants, people or pets. On plants, dilute to about 1 tablespoon in a gallon of water. On people and pets, it can be used straight, diluted to about 30% in other carrier oils or mixed into your favorite lotion, shampoo or conditioner at a rate of about a tablespoon for every eight ounces.

INGREDIENTS: 100% all-natural neem oil, harvested from sustainable sources and cold-pressed.  Each batch is  free of pesticide residues, heavy metals and aflatoxin.


PLEASE NOTE! Neem oil is NOT for internal use!

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