Fresh Neem Seeds

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Fresh Neem Seeds
The single most important thing you can do to ensure the success of neem seeds is to PLANT THEM NOW! Neem seeds are only viable for about 30 days after harvesting

Out of stock until this summer because their germination rate drops dramatically after just 30 days. 




If you're not familiar with the challenges of growing neem trees from seeds, they're only viable for about 30 days after they are harvested. Cold winters in Florida have forced us to buy seeds from international sources, and we've decided that the best way to get good germination is to hand-carry them back from Mexico. (India doesn't allow the export of fresh neem seeds.) Even so, they're notoriously difficult to germinate and we can't guarantee them. Sometimes they just don't come up, even for customers who are very good gardeners and follow directions perfectly. We don't know why and therefore can't make recommendations. 

Download growing directions here so you're ready to plant them as soon as they arrive! Or consider buying sprouts, which should be available about mid-August, if the seeds come up for us.


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Received a packet of seeds as a bonus with an order or Neem Seedlings last summer. Neem is supposed ot be challenging to germinate, but I had a minimum 50% germination rate, more likely around 70%, which is a testament to how fresh and healthy the seeds that you get will be. The seeds were packed well and came with a card with growing and care instructions. Seeds go fast during the summer when they are in stock, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. I've got a bunch of healthy seedlings that I'm going to have to transplant into bigger pots soon!

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