If you can grow a ficus, you can grow a "tree for solving global problems."

Called the "village pharmacy" in its native India for thousands of years, the National Academy Press published a book entitled "Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems" in 1992. More recently, the National Institutes of Health's database of international research lists nearly 500 reports on neem and uses ranging from treating AIDS and preventing liver damage to its use as a bioinsecticide.

It's also an extraordinarily hardy tree that thrives in ecosystems ranging from the Sahara Desert to the wet salty Florida Keys. In climates where temperatures regularly drop below freezing, it is happy in a pot outside during the summer and in a sunny window over the winter.

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  • Growing Neem: An easy to grow and very attractive plant!
  • Medicinal Uses: We call this site "beyond 'solving global problems' "" because it focuses on research completed since that landmark report from the National Academy Press.
  • All-Natural Neem Products: Not all of our products are all-natural, but we're working to develop as many products without chemical additives as possible.
  • Agricultural Uses: Neem Tree Farms sells a 100% botanical product that has not been reviewed or approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use as a pesticide or personal insect repellant although they do support the use of approved neem products. Most agricultural uses call for neem oil to be used at a 0.5 to 1.0% ratio with water and a mild emulsifier. On roses and other plants susceptible to fungal diseases, add one tablespoon baking soda per gallon to the mix.
  • A Tree for Solving Global Problems: Read the book that started it all online!

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