Neem Tree Farms is pleased to announce the first-ever line of all-natural products that combines traditional European herbal remedies with neem and aloe vera, Healing Breezes Solutions for Problem Skin.

Created by Sorcy SummerWind, a world-renowned herbalist, organic gardener and teacher, the line is formulated primarily with herbs grown in a rural area of Germany surrounded by pristine forests - plus our wildcrafted neem oil.

Sorcy first learned about herbal remedies from her grandmother, then from teaching circles in the online community. She launched Herbal Healers International in 2000, an invitation-only internet forum to bring together experts from around the world who grow and use herbs.

While many of her formulas are inspired by world-renowned herbalists like Doctors Richard Schulze and John Christopher, others are based on many years of testing on herself - as well as family and friends - on problems ranging from skin disorders to the bumps, dings and aches that happen to almost everyone. She has been working with the staff at Neem Tree Farms for several years, documenting neem's efficacy and learning how adding neem to traditional formulas makes them even more effective.

The products are still primarily made with traditional herbs like comfrey, arnica and St. John's wort, grown in her organic garden and wildcrafted from untouched areas near her home. She's careful to harvest only those that will not be adversely impacted. "I only take what Momma can spare, not everything I could pick, which explains why I can only offer limit quantities."

The wildcrafted herbs come exclusively from forest meadows in the middle of nowhere, with the assistance of her trusty steed 'Chance' who not only carried her there, but patiently sampled the goods while she scampered about, and then carried it all home. Most, however, now grow in her own organic garden.

Sorcy strongly believes that if Gramma didn't have to use chemicals, neither should we - and that means anything that's not 100% natural, including preservatives. Her creams and salves are carefully processed with glass and stainless steel tools.

The infused oils are sunsteeped way beyond the normal time frame, usually all summer. The herb volume used is between 70-95% herb ratio as opposed to the typical 1-5, so you could cut them down with half aloe gel, and still have an end product many times stronger than what you'd find on a commercial shelf.

All Sorcy's products come with click-on recipes, and each herb name links to individual properties. She encourages users to educate themselves about herbs. The recipes are displayed for private use only - which means you can make tons to roll in, but not a gram to sell.

Her commitment to all-natural ingredients means that these products require some additional care for optimum shelf life. We import freshly made - all by hand, of course - products from Germany and refrigerate them until they're sold. Once you receive them, they should be stored in the refrigerator when not in use, although a small amount may be kept at room temperature. Salves should be dispensed with a clean spatula, not a finger dipped into the pot.

Like many earth-friendly choices, these all-natural products require a little extra care and attention - but they're more than worth it!

Green Blessings, Sorcy SummerWind

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