Neem Bark Powder

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Neem Bark Powder

Neem bark powder is probably a better immune system booster and analgesic than the leaf -- and ongoing studies show that it's better for all kinds of tummy troubles. We  put about a teaspoon in our coffee for a fresh "New Orleans" chicory taste. It's not quite as bitter as the leaf so it can be sprinkled on dog food for the same benefits, learn more at our Neem for Pets page.  


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I've been adding this to my dogs food and I have noticed quite an improvement to their coat and skin. I have one dog that is especially sensitive to flea bites. It's a constant battle with him. Once I started adding this to his food his skin really cleared up. He still gets itchy, but I find it less severe and he doesn't have the big red spots on his legs from constantly gnawing on them anymore. I suggest trying it if your dog has skin problems. Give it at least 1-2 weeks to start noticing a difference. You may also have to add something tasty to their food at first b/c it does change the taste, but once they got used to it they don't seem to mind it anymore.

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