Neem Chew Sticks

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Neem Chew Sticks

The original neem oral care product shipped to you the day they're harvested! Chew the end of the stick to form bristles and then carefully rub the bristles along your gum line as you would a toothbrush. Cut off the end each time you use it to ensure freshness. A quarter-pound contains between 25 and 30 chew sticks that should last about three months. (For best results,  refrigerate or freeze until you're ready to use them but keep them in paper not plastic.)

NOTE TO DR. OZ FANS:  We've gotten a lot of orders from people who heard about neem from Dr. Oz and we're delighted to have you become part of the neem team. We do want to warn you that raw neem sticks are extremely bitter. We formulated several neem bark toothpowders so that neem is the first ingredient. We're so comfortable they'll work for you that we guarantee them -- if your dentist doesn't notice a difference,  return the unused portion for a full refund.

Shipments outside the U.S. typically require a phytosanitary statement from the USDA at a cost of approximately $60.00.


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I found it was hard in nature and abraded my gum tissue. I think if they shipped soft one and carefully selected would help

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