Neem for Dogs

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Neem for Dogs

Over the years,we've been challenged by dog owners to create a product especially for their furry babies. This natural formulation combines neem and karanja for their synergistic properties,and includes natural essential oils like lemon eucalyptus,atlas cedar,lemongrass,lavender and eucalyptus. It is not EPA-approved and it is not labeled as a flea or tick repellent. It does,however,come with a money-back guarantee. If used weekly,and the problem persists,continues,we'll cheerfully refund the cost of the product.
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I have been absolutely amazed at how effective Neem for Dogs is repelling fleas and ticks. I live in MD where ticks are a big problem. I have not found one tick on either of my dogs and am delighted to be able to use a product that I don't have to be concerned about getting on my skin and is safe for the dogs.

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