Neem Lotion

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Neem Lotion

An extraordinarily rich hand and body lotion that combines neem and aloe for maximum effectiveness in treating dry skin and other disorders.

INGREDIENTS:Green neem leaf extract,aloe vera gel,oleyl erucate,glyceryl stearate,cetearyl alcohol, glycerin,cetyl alcohol,glyceryl palmitate,cold-pressed neem oil,polyacrylic acid,fragrance,citric acid,ascorbic acid,carbomer,tocopherol (vitamin e),sorbitan monolaurate,potassium sorbate,sodium benzoate,triethanolamine,methylchloro-isothiazolinone,methylisothiazolinone.


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We first started using Neem Lotion many years ago after meeting Jerry and visiting the Neem Tree Farm in Yucatan, Mexico. At first I thought that buying the lotion was just a nice way to support the work Jerry and his Mayan employees were doing. Now my husband and I don't use any other lotion on our faces. We've lived in southern New Mexico in the Chihuahuan desert for over twenty years. You can imagine what this climate does to skin. After using Neem Lotion on his face for about three weeks, my husband looked about ten years younger! This lotion soaks in fast and is not sticky or greasy. It moisturizes the skin but also creates a barrier that helps keep the moisture in and keeps your skin from drying out. We usually put the lotion on in the morning and it stays on all day. I never notice that there is a protective film on my skin until I wash or rinse my face. This is a very light film and it never gets brittle, cracks, flakes. I don't know how it works but it does! This is absolutely the best lotion for a dry climate!

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