Neem Personal Care Products

While neem may be best known as a pesticide in the U.S., it's also one of the world's most widely used skincare products. Some of the earliest written materials known to man -- dating back nearly 4000 years -- include multiple references to neem and its ability to repair damaged skin.

From a more modern perspective, scientists have discovered that neem contains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidiants that soak up free radicals caused by exposure to environmental toxins and sun -- a primary cause of aging skin. Neem also contains long-chain fatty acids that penetrate the outer layers of skin and provide long-lasting moisture where it is most needed.

We've been called a schizophrenic company because many of our skin care products are similar to others on the market -- with the addition of neem, of course. Our lotion, cream, shampoo and conditioner look and feel very much the way you would expect them to, although they out-perform products without neem.

On the other hand, we also make what is probably the most comprehensive selection of all-natural neem products in the nation. Many people (knowingly or not) suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and may have chronic issues like inflammation or itching that are actually caused by chemicals in their skincare products. All-natural skin care products look and feel differently -- but they can work miracles for some people's skin.

Our samples of all-natural soap, Anti-Itch Formula and Facial Serum are among our most popular. You can select a complimentary sample as you complete your order.