Neem Seedlings

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Neem Seedlings

Cold Weather Warning

It's that time of year again, and temperatures are dropping across the country. We'll continue shipping plants in warm areas, but we will have to stop shipping plants to places where temperatures are below freezing.

If you need to have plants or fresh branches quickly, please call us about availability and overnight shipping options - 1-877-500- 6336.

Due to changes in government regulations, we can no longer ship living plants to Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

These are last year's seedlings so they're ready to transplant and should grow quickly. They've never looked better after our amazingly warm winter and wetter-than-usual spring.

The seeds are notoriously difficult to germinate but these were harvested last week and should be fresh through the end of July. Please be ready to get them in the ground when they arrive -- check out the growing directions here:

GROWING TIPS: Soil should always be a premium potting mix -- not topsoil -- without any "water managing" properties. Fertilizer should be balanced with the three numbers in big print somewhat equal. For instance, chemical fertilizers are usually available in a 20-20-20 formula. You may need to mix and match with organics, balancing fish emulsion with bone meal and kelp.


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Ordered a set of 2 Seedlings in the Summer of 2013. The plants were packed wonderfully: the plastic pots were wrapped in sturdy plastic that was secured to the plant stem with a plastic tie, then the pot was taped to the wall of the sturdy triangular USPS priority mail tube, leaving the leaves free of physical pressure that could damage them and giving them air to breathe. At the time they had just refreshed their stock of neem seeds, and were kind enough to enclose a package of seeds with my order as a bonus! It is March 2014 now and my plants are indoors, and my seedlings are almost twice the size and I have a whole bunch of baby neem as well now. Next on my list: move into a bigger house :)

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Beautifully packaged and alive and well when received....had to give one to the neighbor because he does very good with plants in case I dont...but mine is still doing fine.. I am in S. Fl. but brought it in the warm though when it got cold. I will wait until spring to plant in the ground so roots have time to establish. I want a whole row of them in the back yard. I love my neem! It is so effective and one of Gods great gifts to us. Thank you very much.

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