Neem Sprouts

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Neem Sprouts

It looks like the season for sprouts is over for 2014. It's always a sad time, those little guys make me happy just being near them!

Neem seeds are notoriously difficult to germinate,  so we prefer to sell sprouts that have overcome that hurdle. The sprouts come in a package of 10 little trees that range from about five to seven inches tall (depending on how old they are when you order them). Please have pots and soil waiting for their arrival -- they should be planted as soon as possible. All shipments come with very specific directions on taking care of these baby trees but it's a good idea to read "Growing Neem Sprouts" in advance so you have everything you need for a successful planting. Each order contains 10 sprouts so you'll have plenty to share!


IMPORTANT NOTE: We ship living plants -- particularly sprouts -- on Mondays and Tuesdays so they'll have plenty of time to reach their destination without spending the weekend in a box. If you need them more quickly, please include a note in the comment section.


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Arrived healthy and perky. Was afraid at first to separate them,thinking I might damage their delicate roots. But the transplant operation was a success, and they are all thriving now. I put them in their own one gallon pots and put them where they get just the morning sun. I also put some extra Perlite in the potting mix so they wouldn't get root rot( with all the rain we've been getting) and added a handful of Azomite.I've tried starting from seed(I got on Ebay that came from India, I think) without success. The Neem sprouts are a way better way to go! I was asked on Facebook where I got my Neem seedlings,so brace yourselves, Neem Tree Farms!

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