Shampoo Bar for People and Pets

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Shampoo Bar for People and Pets

One of the most consistent requests we've received over the years is for an all-natural pet shampoo. It's very challenging, though, because liquid products require anti-microbials to prevent them from spoiling.

Over the years, we've discovered that our all-natural neem and aloe soap with citronella is the perfect choice for bathing dogs. A shampoo bar sounds difficult to use until you actually try it. Speaking as "mama" to 10 furry babies, it's much much easier to use the bar than a liquid shampoo. Just hold the bar in your hand, and rub it on their bellies, necks and feet. Ask for a sample if you'd like to try it before it you buy it!


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I used this shampoo bar on my dogs and it killed the fleas immediately!! It beats any dog shampoo on the market and lathers up very easily!! I don't know if it was just luck or not but my dog had a cyst like boil on her for 3 years and after using this soap a few times it popped and is now completely gone!! I LOVE it!!

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