2 oz Supercritical Neem Drops

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2 oz Supercritical Neem Drops

NEW 2 ounce size!

By popular demand for large families -- and people who are owned by lots of pets.

Supercritical neem extracts are made using a sophisticated process that results in a highly concentrated and extremely effective extract with no residue.

We offer four different types of supercritical neem in its raw liquid form. Typical dosage is three drops per day for an adult, or one drop for each 25 pounds a dog weighs. Formulas include: 

  • Supercritical neem leaf, the part of the tree most often used as a medicinal herb
  • Supercritical neem bark with enhanced immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supercritical neem bark with essential oil of peppermint, to make a better-tasting tea than neem alone
  • Supercritical neem bark and leaf combined, for people who aren’t sure which formula would be best for them.

We also offer Supercritical Neem Drops in a 1/2 ounce size located here: 1/2 oz Supercritical Neem Drops

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