October Updates

 In General

First, thank you to all the friends who called or emailed to check on our safety. We’re fine, we got three (much-needed) inches of rain but no wind and no storm surge!

Our initial plan was to publish Neem in the News the second weekend of every month. We thought we could pick an article, “translate” it and post a report. That hasn’t worked out as well as we hoped – primarily because so much of the basic research on neem has been done that now they’re focusing on topics that are far beyond our skillset to translate effectively, except perhaps reporting on their concluding statement.

That’s the case this month with a report on a skin condition called scleroderma, another on relaxing gastric spasms and a third on how neem impacts earthworms compared to other insecticides used on animals. (Learn more here.)

Don’t Forget BOGOs!
Some of our favorite products are on BOGO this month – that’s Buy One Get One Free for our friends who aren’t bargain hunters.

Check out our new charcoal products, including charcoal soapcharcoal toothpowder and charcoal facial scrub. If you’re as skeptical as we are, you might think they’re just trendy, but they really do work!

  • By popular demand, we’ve put the neem oil cream on BOGO. It’s richer than the leaf cream, so it’s more protective as temperatures drop.
  • Finally, we’re extending the half-price special on fresh neem leafchew sticks and ceremonial branches. The trees do better in the winter if they’ve been trimmed back, so we’re chopping away. We’ve got lots of larger sticks for dogs too – ask for a sample if you think your pup might like them!
And don’t forget to check out our recent product highlight Why Neem Lotion for a BOGO link there.
There’s been some confusion about how we made BOGOs work when the software only allows one coupon per order. Each BOGO has its own separate web page, so you must follow the links above. Your order won’t show two items but they will be noted as BOGO. If you have any problems, feel free to include a note in the comment section and we’ll honor that.



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