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Although relatively unknown in the US, neem is a cornerstone of the ancient Ayurvedic healthcare system and is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in the world. Americans, however, are more likely to recognize neem as an EPA-registered pesticide that’s non-toxic and has no adverse effect on beneficial insects including bees.


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Neem Bark Powder for Pets

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Neem in the News

Neem & Diabetes?

Neem has been used for centuries to treat diabetes, but great caution is required, including daily blood testing.

Neem in the News — Just in Time for Holiday Parties

This isn’t brand-new news, but Google doesn’t always notify me on when some articles are published. I looking for something else when I found these two and thought they were exactly what we needed this month! The first article, published in National Product Communications in 2014 by a team of researchers including scientists from Harvard and […]

A Tree for Solving Global Problems — 25 Years Later

We started growing neem when the National Academy Press published a book called “Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems.” Twenty-five years later, it may be more important than ever! Most people think of neem as a pretty specific product – capsule, soap, lotion, pesticide – without really understanding the versatility of this amazing tree. […]

Neem and Bruises

We can’t find research that shows why neem helps prevent bruising, but we have the photos to document it!

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Neem & Diabetes?

Neem has been used for centuries to treat diabetes, but great caution is required, including daily blood testing.

Neem Soap Special

We’re regularly asked which neem soap is our favorite. Honestly, my personal favorite is the one in my bathroom right now. And then I rotate them often so that makes it even harder to decide. So we’d like your opinion. Get all six full-sized (5 ounce) of neem soap,  hand-made with neem leaf extract and […]

Open Gardens this Morning!

It might be a little nippy early this morning, but it’s finally warming up and they’re predicting a high of 77 this afternoon. We never did actually freeze so all the butterfly and hummingbird plants are ready to trim back and turn into cuttings. We also had one female papaya (a first-generation Caribbean red so […]

Rejuvenating Neem Leaf Cream Reviews

Reviews from customers across the country prove what researchers saw in their laboratories — neem leaf cream rejuvenates aging skin.