Bio-activated Neem Charcoal Mask


The world’s first-ever bio-activated charcoal neem bark mask! This is an all-natural product made with carbon-neutral neem charcoal, bentonite clay, neem bark and essential oils of¬†lavender and rosewood. Try it first on one side of your face to see (and feel!) the difference.

2.5 ounces


This new bioactivated neem charcoal mask has been reformulated to be more versatile. It’s still as black as ever, but it will help your face become brighter, tighter and smoother — we promise!

Bioactivated charcoal has been called the CBD of skincare because it pops up in so many places. We normally avoid crazy trends, but this one has a great deal of validity. Charcoal has been used to treat accidental poisonings for centuries because it has an amazing ability to “adsorb” impurities. As part of a larger molecule, the poison can be expelled more effectively.

From a skincare perspective, that means that bioactivated neem charcoal collects the unavoidable environmental toxins so they wash away easily. As part of a face mask, the neem charcoal has extra time to pull those toxins from deeper inside your skin.

And while we loved the original neem charcoal mask, we listened to customers who told us it was super-hard to remove. With this new dry formula, you can easily go back to the original by adding coconut oil to the new powdered neem charcoal face mask. (Try a touch of baking soda to lighten skin, tighten pores and prevent blackheads. It can be drying though, so be careful. That’s why we didn’t include it in the formula.)

The new neem charcoal mask can also work as a scrub. Just sprinkle a little bit in the palm of your hand and apply with wet fingers. The dry formula is very effective with a spinning scrub brush.

Leave it on for 15 minutes and you’ll be amazed at the difference. (Be sure to warn anyone who might see you though. Vicki’s husband laughed like a crazy man when he came around the corner and saw her covered in black greasy stuff.)

It’s worth being laughed at though. Face masks are known to: :

  • Tighten pores and clears skin
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Firm skin particularly near the eyes and under the chin.

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