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 In General, Monthly Specials

We finally figured out a work-around on coupon limits imposed by our software so we can do monthly BOGOs – Buy One Get One Free for our friends who aren’t bargain hunters – again. The only trick is that you need to use the links in this email. The pages on the main website will not work – you must follow the links below!

Neem Charcoal SoapSince it’s autumn (we can tell the difference early the morning here) in most of the county, we thought our new charcoal products would be a great choice for October. Through November 5, we’ll have charcoal soap, charcoal toothpowder and charcoal facial scrub all available for BOGO. Charcoal, of course, is the latest rage in the world of personal care, but there’s good reason for it. It “adsorbs” dirt, food and toxins so they wash easily off your skin, face and teeth even more effectively than our regular soap.

The charcoal toothpowder, in particular, is one of my favorites. It has almost no taste but my dental hygienist noticed the difference – and I’ve been using our standard toothpowder for decades!

And by popular demand, we’ve put the neem oil cream on BOGO. It’s richer than the leaf cream, so it’s more protective as temperatures drop and humidity in heated buildings plummets. (But if your skin is extra dry, don’t forget the All-Natural Facial Serum is half off through Oct. 1 – use it on damp skin and we promise you’ll be amazed at the difference.)

Finally, we’re extending the half-price special on fresh neem leafchew sticks and ceremonial branches. The trees grew so well in all the rain we’ve had this summer that cutting them back for winter is a pretty big job. We have some super-nice chew sticks for dogs too, since we’re cutting the trees so far back that we’re getting much larger sticks than usual. Ask for a sample if you’re not sure if your dog will like them or not.

neem capsulesAlong with the facial serum, Six-Way Neem Capsules are half off through Oct. 1. Even if you feel great now, it’s a good idea to have them on hand as winter approaches. And don’t forget to check out our recent product highlight Why Neem Lotion for a BOGO link there.

Open Greenhouse Oct. 6

We have some really cool stuff for the open greenhouse on Oct. 6, including turmeric (thanks Delphine Geraci for giving me a great bunch to start growing), native canna lilies and the spectacular candlestick senna. We also have lots of milkweed seeds and Daikon radish (aka mooli for my Indian friends) that has become my favorite winter flower because they take the cold so well and feed people, bees and butterflies. We’ll post a complete list next week on Tampa Garden Swap, once I dance out through the raindrops and count what we have growing.

Greenhouse Update

Neem sprouts

We’re just about finished transplanting the neem sprouts – whatever isn’t ordered by Monday will be in its own little pot by the end of next week. These Ayurvedic herbs really loved the super-wet summer we’ve had so everything looks great!

Have a super weekend and be sure to grab September specials while you still can!












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