March Madness, Open Greenhouse & New Free Seeds

Join us for March Madness -- get 20% off everything on the site with the coupon code march20off -- plus check out our selection of free seeds with an order. If you're in Tampa Bay, be sure to [...]

Neem and Bruises

We can't find research that shows why neem helps prevent bruising, but we have the photos to document it!

Product highlights — neem oral care

Neem oral care products are getting more attention every day -- but which one is best for you?

Neem Moringa Soap — Why is there food in soap?

Neem moringa soap combines the medicinal properties of neem with the nutritional benefits of moringa so you get softer, brighter-looking skin.

Why is this soap BLACK?

We wondered the same thing when we first saw it — but it’s the first-ever neem soap made with neem charcoal. It’s formulated specifically to deep-cleanse — but gently [...]