Neem in the News, May 2018 *

A new scientific review of neem from one of the world's largest publishers looks at the latest reports from research labs around the world. It's complicated, but important to read.

Neem & Antibacterial Bandages

Bandages made with neem leaf and papaya may reduce the risk of infection by up to 85%, according to researchers.

Neem & Long-Horned Beetles

A laboratory experiment shows that neem leaf extract may help control the long-horned beetle that is causing destruction in Canada's valuable deciduous forests.

Neem & Nematodes

New research shows that neem leaf is highly effective on nematodes, a nearly invisible pest that causes billions of dollars worth of damage to farmers across the country but particularly in [...]

Neem in the News, June 2017

Neem's uses -- and drawbacks -- as a biopesticide are reviewed in a May 2017 article published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

Neem in the News, May 2017

Medical reports about neem and inflammation, liver support and rejuvenating sun-damaged skin made the news in May.

Neem rejuvenates sun-damaged skin

Neem leaf cream has been clinically shown to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin in bald rats and human cells in test tubes. Now you can try this amazing formula yourself!

Neem in the News, March 2017

From a research perspective, this has been one of those months that shows why neem continues to be called “the village pharmacy.” New reports look at everything from psoriasis to [...]

What’s an ORAC — why neem antioxidants make a difference!

Neem antioxidants are highly concentrated and very bio-available, according to this proprietary ORAC report.

Could a compound in neem help prevent the flu?

A new report from BioMed Central’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a peer-reviewed research journal, shows a compound in neem leaf could disable the virus from replicating and causing [...]