Neem & Antibacterial Bandages

Bandages made with neem leaf and papaya may reduce the risk of infection by up to 85%, according to researchers.

Neem & Long-Horned Beetles

A laboratory experiment shows that neem leaf extract may help control the long-horned beetle that is causing destruction in Canada's valuable deciduous forests.

Neem & Nematodes

New research shows that neem leaf is highly effective on nematodes, a nearly invisible pest that causes billions of dollars worth of damage to farmers across the country but particularly in [...]

Neem in the News, June 2017

Neem's uses -- and drawbacks -- as a biopesticide are reviewed in a May 2017 article published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

Neem in the News, May 2017

Medical reports about neem and inflammation, liver support and rejuvenating sun-damaged skin made the news in May.

Neem rejuvenates sun-damaged skin

Neem leaf cream has been clinically shown to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin in bald rats and human cells in test tubes. Now you can try this amazing formula yourself!

Neem in the News, March 2017

From a research perspective, this has been one of those months that shows why neem continues to be called “the village pharmacy.” New reports look at everything from psoriasis to [...]

What’s an ORAC — why neem antioxidants make a difference!

Neem antioxidants are highly concentrated and very bio-available, according to this proprietary ORAC report.

Could a compound in neem help prevent the flu?

A new report from BioMed Central’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a peer-reviewed research journal, shows a compound in neem leaf could disable the virus from replicating and causing [...]

Neem in the News, July 2016

There have been several interesting reports from around the world over the past six weeks, although none meets the same “gold standard” for clinical research as the randomized, placebo-controlled [...]