Neem and Bruises

We can't find research that shows why neem helps prevent bruising, but we have the photos to document it!

Neem seeds are coming

Fresh neem seeds will be available beginning July 18. (They're only viable for about 30 days so be sure to order soon -- or wait until mid-August for neem sprouts!

Neem Moringa Soap — Why is there food in soap?

Neem moringa soap combines the medicinal properties of neem with the nutritional benefits of moringa so you get softer, brighter-looking skin.

Why is this soap BLACK?

We wondered the same thing when we first saw it — but it’s the first-ever neem soap made with neem charcoal. It’s formulated specifically to deep-cleanse — but gently [...]

What’s an ORAC — why neem antioxidants make a difference!

Neem antioxidants are highly concentrated and very bio-available, according to this proprietary ORAC report.

Neem in the News, July 2016

There have been several interesting reports from around the world over the past six weeks, although none meets the same “gold standard” for clinical research as the randomized, placebo-controlled [...]

Which neem capsule is best for me?

Today, the options for neem capsules and supplements are almost overwhelming and somewhat complicated since you’re dealing with a herb known as “The Village Pharmacy” and “Tree of 40 Cures.” The [...]