Neem Anti-Itch Products

Neem is a powerful anti-inflammatory that works quickly to soothe skin that's been irritated by bites or allergies.

Pharmaceutical companies making neem?

We got a really nice note from a lady in St. Petersburg this morning who had seen the story about Neem Tree Farms in the Tampa Bay Times last week and wanted to know if any pharmaceutical [...]

Why is there xylitol in your all-natural neem mouthwash?

With breaking news on the potential dangers of synthetic sugar substitutes, we’ve gotten several calls over the past few weeks asking why we’re using xylitol in our all-natural neem bark [...]

We cannot tell a lye

All real soap is made with lye otherwise it's a detergent bar made with synthetic ingredients.

Neem as Male Contraceptive

We got a call from a very distraught man yesterday. He was sure than men should not take neem internally because it causes abortions. I’m not sure exactly what he was thinking, but there is [...]