Product highlights — neem oral care

Neem oral care products are getting more attention every day -- but which one is best for you?

What’s DentaBoost?

The original Neem Tree Farms toothpowder was repackaged for a major company but they made claims the FDA did not approve, so they sent the product back. They gave it to us, so we're sharing it [...]

Which neem capsule is best for me?

Today, the options for neem capsules and supplements are almost overwhelming and somewhat complicated since you’re dealing with a herb known as “The Village Pharmacy” and “Tree of 40 Cures.” The [...]

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Neem Tea

There are probably as many ways to brew neem tea as there are countries where it's known as the "healer of all ailments." We've compiled an easy to follow chart to help you "Brew the Perfect Cup [...]

Fertilizing Neem Trees

Neem trees are incredibly tough plants. They’ll grow in places where nothing else survives – like parts of the Sahara Desert where there’s no fertilizer and very little water [...]

Pruning Neem Trees

One of the questions we regularly get is how to prune neem trees. Given the fact that they are tropical trees growing in temperate climates, their first choice is straight up. They want to get as [...]

Neem Soap Spray

To make a big batch of concentrate for future use, drop a whole bar of neem soap into a wide mouth gallon container. Fill that jug with 1 gallon very hot tap water and let sit a week, stirring [...]

Neem Soap Emulsifier

Like any oil and water mixture, neem needs to be emulsified before it’s used on your plants. If not, you’ll end up with too much neem burning some leaves and not enough neem to [...]