Free Plant List, 8.6.22


  1. Suparna Robertson

    That is an extensive and exciting list of plants. Would love to pick up some. Please let me know if it’s an exchange or giveaway.
    I’m working on making my yard butterfly and bird friendly using natives and magnets for wildlife.
    Thank you for all you are doing.

    1. Vicki

      It’s both! If you have plants to swap, please bring them. It makes it much more fun for everyone with a large variety. If you don’t have anything, don’t worry. We all started out with nothing.

  2. Vicki

    I don’t have any plants to swap and wondered if there was a charge for cuttings? Would love to come visit and learn on that day. Should we bring clippers or a shovel, gloves? Couldn’t really tell if this exchange had charges associated, thank you in advance

    1. Vicki

      There’s no charge for anything on the list. We will be selling the Ayurvedic herbs we grow commercially but most of what we do at Open Greenhouse is free 🙂

  3. Chaiden

    Hey Vicki! If we are not local, can we buy some seeds? We are looking for Amaranth and you are the only one we’ve seen that has some.

    1. Vicki

      Sure, I even have some volunteer seedlings if you want those?

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