Half-Off June Specials — Plus May Specials through 6/3

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Half-off June Specials

Two new products – and a top-selling favorite with a new use – are 50% off this month, plus May specials are still available through June 3.

holy basil krishna tulsi

Ironically we’ve been growing neem and tulsi together for years.

First, is a brand-new concept for us – neem oil scented with essential extract of basil. It all started with a recent Dr. Oz show on basil and how effective its antioxidant compounds were for minimizing age-related damage to skin. (Read more)

Second is our updated neem charcoal mask. You can use it with water, or if you really want a mask, you can mix it with extra-rich neem lotion for dry skin or yogurt for oily skin. (Read more)

Since most of the Neem Team is in the “dry skin” category, we put the extra-rich neem lotion on sale too. It’s a great product all around, but really effective as a carrier for the charcoal scrub.

Don’t forget May Specials

We’ll close these down on June 3, so take advantage of them while you can!

  • Half-off on NimBioSys, the EPA registered neem oil for gardeners who are putting plants in the ground. 
  • And as you get outside yourself, try our Anti-Itch products that amaze even neem fans! It comes in three formulas. (Learn more)
  • Half-off neem soap with citronella – need we say more about why you need this product this time of year? It’s great for dogs too, and it’s actually easier to use a bar on them than liquid shampoo.
  • Half-off Neem for Nails so your feet will look great when you get to the beach this summer.

Open “Jungle” Next Weekend

We usually host “open greenhouse” but next weekend is likely to be “open jungle” because we’ve gotten so much rain. We’ll chop paths through the permaculture and pollinator areas so you can see what survived the cold and more than 15 inches of rain. The greenhouse looks great though and we’ll have tons of free plants and seeds (including more Everglade tomatoes than you can eat1) to give away or swap. (This will probably be the last month for candlestick senna seedlings. They’re growing so fast I won’t be able to pull them soon.)

Have a wonderful weekend — it’s raining here, but warm rain is always appreciated!







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