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toothpaste vs toothpowderWe usually know pretty much exactly which products we want to feature every month because we can tie them into seasonal use but nothing struck us right now except March Madness. Instead of featured products this month, you’ll get 20% off your entire order by using the code march20off – but don’t change the capitalization or it won’t work!

We put nearly everything we make at 50% off once or twice during the year, but it’s difficult to explain to someone that it could be months before they’re on sale again. This is our second March Madness so we’ll plan on making it an annual event (we’re still open to other ideas if you want to give us a call though).

Greenhouse Update

We’re shipping trees and plants as fast as we can when there’s a break in the weather. Our top priority is getting you happy, healthy plants and they won’t survive if we ship them to or through freezing temperatures. The greenhouse is full of great-looking neem, gotu kola, brahmi (bacopa) and Estrella chaya. We sold more betel leaf than we ever have before, but we transplanted nearly a hundred plants that should be ready to ship next week or the week after – depending on your location, of course. Tulsi didn’t make it through the cold but we have hundreds of seeds popping up now! (Please let us know if you’d rather have a refund than wait.)

We’ve also updated our selection of free seeds just in time for people in colder climates to start planting, including Daikon radish (aka mooli) which is our new favorite plant besides neem. It grew beautifully here this winter and it’s an amazing butterfly plant if you let it flower instead of eating it yourself. We also have a new supply of Everglade tomatoes, gaillardia (a native butterfly attractor) and passionfruit, which we grow primarily for butterflies but this particular strain has softball-sized fruit. We also have moringa and candlestick senna. (If I don’t get them all on the website this morning, please just add a note in the comment section. To get the free seeds, you must place an order, and please limit three packs per person.)

Product update

We’re back in stock on everything except the Six-Way Capsules, which were promised to be shipped last week. We do have two more boxes available to people who really need them. Give Sherrie a call and she’ll run the order through outside the system.

Open Greenhouse is Today

Datura have spectacular flowers but need to be kept away from children and animals.

Almost everything – including my rare hummingbird plants – is coming back after four nights below freezing, although some have started from the ground up. We have limited number of you-dig Rangoon creeper, and white turmeric, both of which have medicinal qualities I didn’t know about until I googled them a moment ago – we grow them because they’re gorgeous plants. We have Everglade tomato seeds, as well as a few volunteers popping up in places where they’ll need to be moved. I’m also changing one grow room into a protected spot for milkweed so I’ll have some potted spiderwort looking for new homes. We have two gorgeous datura with heavily scently apricot flowers that need to be kept away from children and pets. And finally, in the potted plant list, we have a limited number of baobabs – known as the African Tree of Life – that a neighbor gave us seeds for but didn’t come back to get the plants.

As always, bring what you have to trade, or take what you want and bring something with you the next time you come.

(I’m specifically looking for banana pups to plant along a fence line for the Sustainable Living Project. This should be a great time of year to transplant them if you have any that need to be thinned we would appreciate it!)

Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. — we have to keep them limited so our senior rescued pups can get out into their backyard before they have “accidents” inside.

Have a great weekend!

Vicki & the Neem Team


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