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Saturday, June 5, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
602 Ronele Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

Join our friendly garden group for Open Greenhouse and Plant Swap at Neem Tree Farms, held most first Saturdays of the month. This list is what we have — but you never know what other people will bring to swap! (If you don’t have anything, don’t worry. We all started with empty gardens too.)

They’re not exactly plants, but they’re great in gardens. We have a limited number of used wooden pallet and empty five-gallon buckets. The buckets need cleaning but they held neem oil or skincare products, so they’re totally non-toxic for use in your own garden. We also have giant piles of mulch and topsoil to share, thanks to the tree-trimmers who drop it in the yard for us.

Now onto the plants, starting with what’s in bloom now.

Amazon lilies, easy to grow in shade

Native elderberry — yes, it’s what you use to make jams, wine and gummy bears. Please two cuttings per family!

Sweet almond (not native but covered in bees)

Native firebush

Ever-bearing mulberry, covered in flowers and fresh fruit

Epiphyllum oxypetalum, Orchid cactus

You dig:

Native yellow canna

Lemongrass (also seeds)

Papalo, a heat-loving alternative to cilantro

Callisia fragrans, aka headache plant or basket plant

 Sansevieria (full sized, please plant in pots not the ground!)

 Lady palms

Crinum lily

Walking iris (just the yellow but I’d love to trade someone for the purple!)

Clerodendron (pagoda and bleeding heart)

 Native palmetto that just popped up in the wrong spot…

 Naturalized periwinkles (aka vinca)

Chenille plants

Hot pink Four O’Clocks, another hummingbird attractor

Wild pineapple, spectacular flowers and edible fruit, but very prickly so bring protective clothing!



Tunera (Cuban buttercup)


Native wild coffee, provides gorgeous color even in deep shade


John Starne’s favorite red pentas

Bush morning glory

Cranberry hibiscus

Golden dewdrop

Devil’s backbone, no wildlife value but a cool looking plant


Daikon radish

Tropical milkweed

Blanketflower (gaillardia)


Bachelor buttons

Scorpion tail — a low-growing native that attracts all kinds of bees and small butterflies, also cuttings and you-dig

Pepperweed, an edible native plant that’s sometimes confused with a weed

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