Does neem help cataracts and improve vision? I can’t find anything in modern research that would indicate that it does, but it’s long prescribed in Ayurveda — and now I’m seeing it work.

As our long-time customers know, we rescue dogs, especially senior dogs who just need a calm and happy place in the sun for their “retirements.”

We pulled a blind basset hound from a shelter north of us right about the time one of our senior Shar-Pei started having problems with cataracts. We took him to the vet, who said that he wouldn’t do the surgery. It was too complicated and we needed to see an ophthalmologist — but there wasn’t much chance that even $10,000 worth of surgery would help him regain his vision.

Our only real option was removing their eyes when the cataracts started creating painful pressure — but surgery on a senior is always a worst-case scenario.

“Luckily” the basset hound had horrible arthritis so we immediately put him on high doses of neem to keep him comfortable and wean him off prescription drugs. Durned if his cataracts didn’t clear up to the point where he can actually see out of one of them. (The other no longer is a consideration for surgery and you can see it shrinking!)

So we put the Shar-Pei on the same high dose and neem seems to be shrinking his cataracts too. Not only that but he feels significantly better. He’s playing again, even though he can’t see, and he’s dancing for his breakfast like a young dog instead of a 14-year-old.

Humans too?

Which made me think about what’s going on with my own vision. Four or five years ago, I was diagnosed with pre-cataracts and told my ophthalmologist I’d wait until I turned 65 and got Medicare to cover the surgery. (Healthcare insurance is not one of the joys of running a small business…) He told me he didn’t think I could wait that long but we’d push it off as far as I was comfortable.

Since then, my arthritis got worse, I actually started taking 6-Way Neem caps on a regular basis — I can feel the difference if I go for a couple of days without them.

So I went in for my annual eye exam last month — my vision has improved to the point where I no longer need glasses to drive and I only need “readers” for newsprint where the paper is rough. And, he saw no signs of cataracts, certainly nothing that would indicate an immediate need for surgery.

We certainly don’t have FDA approval to treat any disorder — especially something like cataracts and vision — but I’m tossing out the idea. Anybody else inexplicably seeing improvements in their vision?

And for the scientists out there, there’s nothing on about neem and vision, but here are a couple of links to Ayurvedic sites that indicate that the antioxidants in neem are playing a role in improving our vision: and

(We’re all taking the Six-Way Neem Capsules, the dogs get one twice a day, I bumped mine up to two twice a day for the winter because that’s when the joint pain kicks in.)

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