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What a fabulous month it’s been – but this weekend is your last chance to take advantage of some really great BOGOs, plus new specials for November!

It’s finally cool enough here for a fire here this weekend, but it’s been chilly enough in other parts of the country to think charcoal! We don’t usually follow trends, but this one is really worth checking out. Our charcoal products, including charcoal soapcharcoal toothpowder and charcoal facial scrub are all BOGO through Nov. 1.

By popular demand, we’ve put the neem oil cream on BOGO. It’s richer than the leaf cream, so it’s more protective as temperatures drop. If you’re running low – or haven’t tried it —  now is definitely the time to pick up a couple of jars and see what an amazing difference it can make. (Check out the reviews if you don’t believe us!)

Finally, we’re extending the half-price special on fresh neem leafchew sticks and ceremonial branches. The trees do better in the winter if they’ve been trimmed back, so we’re chopping away. We’ve got lots of larger sticks for dogs too – ask for a sample if you think your pup might like them!

And don’t forget to check out our recent product highlight Why Neem Lotion for a BOGO link there that will also expire on Nov. 1.

We have so much to be thankful for this year that November is going to be a very special month so we picked some of our favorite products.

  • We’ll extend the sale on fresh neem leafchew sticks and ceremonial branches because they grew so well this summer with all the rain that we’re still trimming away.
  • “Tea’s the Season” to sit in front of a fire with a tasty cup of tea! You’ll want to add an herb or essential oil and a sweetener, but neem tea has amazing properties that will help you feel better as temperatures drop. We the dry leaf is BOGO for the month, the fresh neem leaf is half off.
  • Finally, playing on the pumpkin pie spice in everything trend, we’re putting our cinnamon and cloves toothpowder on sale. It comes with or without xylitol, depending on how you feel about sweeteners and we promise your teeth will look (and feel) better by the new year!

Don’t forget Open Greenhouse

We have some really cool stuff lined up for Nov. 3, including milkweed seedlings, senna seeds, and a limited number of lady palms and peanut butter trees. We’re open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and have to keep those hours pretty tight because our senior rescues can’t stay inside for much more than two hours without “mistakes…”

We’re planning nasturtiums and Daikon radish this morning – hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I’m sure we will!

P.S. – Don’t forget to use the BOGO link listed above or the price will show as normal. Your order form won’t show two products, but it will say BOGO. Any issues, please make a note in the comment section!





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