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If you’re nearby, make plans to stop by today and tour our greenhouses and gardens. We’ll have lots of free stuff  and a plant swap so you’ll never know what someone else brings to share. (Don’t worry if you don’t have anything, we all started in the same place!)

And if you’re not nearby, check out the free seeds on our website – we can’t ship free plants or cuttings but we have a wide selection of seeds with more coming as they ripen.

Last weekend for BOGOs on Anti-Itch products

‘Tis the season for bugs, so we’ve put our entire Anti-Itch line on sale. Through Monday, it’s buy-one, get-one on some of our top-selling products:

  • Anti-Itch Formula in 2 ounce and 8 ounce size belong in the bottom of your favorite beach bag or backpack to make outdoor fun more enjoyable!
  • Keep your cool with Anti-Itch Spray a light, lemongrass-scented spray that’s good for your skin and smells great.
  • And our personal favorite — the All-Natural Anti-Itch Stick makes it easy to get a thin layer of neem over large sections of skin.

Update on CA Shipments

We’re still working on the California shipments. They’ll approve orders an inspector has looked at — for $60 — but not all shipments. We’re going through the list as quickly as possible and our fingers are crossed that they’ll sign off on us soon. (We know, we’ve become a broken record…)

It’s been hot and dry here, but everything in the greenhouse looks spectacular except the betel. We’ll put fresh leaf and chew sticks back online as soon as we fill the backorders on them, hopefully next week.

Stay cool and have a great weekend!

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