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If you’re anywhere near Tampa Bay, we hope you get a chance to drop by today between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for Open Gardens. We’ll continue them all summer, but it looks like today is the beginning of the summer so it’s going to be hot!

We’ll have a ton of free stuff, including cosmos seedlings that have naturalized and created a show-stopping display in the front yard, as well as Everglades tomatoes — some small plants but a good number of “you-digs” so bring your own pots. The full list is(See the full list here:

We also have some really cool specials that will extend through this weekend from last month and a half off on NimBioSys, the EPA registered neem oil for gardeners who are putting plants in the ground.

And as you get outside yourself, try our Anti-Itch products that amaze even neem fans!

It comes in three formulas:

  • A light and cool Anti-Itch Spray that sometimes we keep it in the cooler if we’re somewhere very hot.
  • A concentrated Anti-Itch Formula that’s easy to apply if you put in on damp skin right after you get out the shower (and before you get bit). It also comes in a sample size that’s perfect to keep in the bottom of your pocket if you’re working in the yard.
  • An Anti-Itch Salve Stick with the concentrated formula blended with beeswax so it’s easy to apply a very thin layer to a large part of your skin.

Other specials include:

  • neem-citronella-soap-barHalf-off neem soap with citronella – need we say more about why you need this product this time of year? It’s great for dogs too, and it’s actually easier to use a bar on them than liquid shampoo.
  • Half-off Neem for Nails so your feet will look great when you finally get to the beach this summer.

Other specials from April available through May 8 include our brand-new neem charcoal toothpowder, made with the incredible neem bark biochar – which is a carbon-neutral form of bio-activated charcoal. It’s really black but you’ll be amazed at how well it whitens your teeth! To celebrate, buy one toothpowder and get any one of our other toothpowders free — just make a note in the comment section.

Have a fabulous weekend and we’ll hope to see you later today!

Vicki & the Neem Team



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