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We’re bringing back one of our favorite traditions: Overlapping BOGOS the last weekend of the month. We’re finally back in stock — and have another batch on order — of the Six-Way Neem Capsules. We’re doing buy two, get one free through Dec. 1. It’s unlikely that we’ll do this again until March — the new batch is still about 20 weeks out and coming from India – so quantities are unlimited.

Closer to home it’s our annual “Fall Cleaning” special with BOGOs on fresh neem leaf and chew sticks. They’re available while quantities last. We think we have plenty but we’ve had to cut availability if they sold too fast in the past.

The old saying about you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time doesn’t hold with our new Ultimate Neem Oil Lotion , now on a BOGO introductory price. Change isn’t usually popular, but everyone we have talked to has been as happy with this new formula as we are! The same holds true for our new neem shampoo and conditioner but special prices expire Nov. 2 so stock up now.

Don’t forget you need to follow the links on this page to get special pricing for customers who read our newsletters!

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