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March 2 is your last chance to get great pricing on February specials — plus we’re kicking off spring with new batches of our top-selling products.

Take advantage of our March BOGOs to try — or stock up on — neem lotion and neem shampoo formulated by Autumn Blum, the award-winning cosmetic chemist who has more experience creating neem products than anyone else in the country. Now the CEO of Stream2Sea, Autumn based our products on her proven to be safe even for coral larva so they’re extra-safe for you! (We haven’t tested the impact of neem on coral reefs though.)

And with warm weather comes bugs! NimBioSys is EPA-registered to treat most of the nasty critters eating your plants, including  aphids, beetles, stink bugs, leafhoppers, whiteflies, mealy bugs, mites, weevils, scale and thrips. And it’s one of the only alternatives labeled to treat nematodes on vegetable and fruit crops. Although nematodes are microscopic so you can’t easily see them, they cause more damage than other pest — an estimated $157 billion worldwide.

If the bugs are after you and not your plants, check out our Anti-Itch Formulas. Although no US company has EPA approval to repel bugs from people, these products are proven to quickly reduce itches and inflammation that bites cause. BOGOs for March are on the original Anti-Itch Formula, the Anti-Itch Salve Stick that applies an even coat of neem, and the Anti-Itch Spray as a light refreshing alternative.

February specials available through March 2.

Six-Way Capsules are the only neem capsules in the world that contain six kinds of neem, an important consideration for a tree known as “The Village Pharmacy.”

Neem bark toothpowder is a favorite with almost everyone who tries it, even people who don’t necessarily believe that natural is better. It’s also one of our fastest-acting products — most customers can see and feel a difference within a couple of days.

And for people like my sister who hate pills, try the Supercritical Leaf and Bark Extract. Just three drops in a cup of coffee or hot water is the recommended dose for humans.

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