Our overriding goal is to make sure you receive happy, healthy plants. They’re carefully packed in mailing tubes and taped down so they don’t slide around.

If your plant arrives damaged, please send photos of BOTH the plant and the box to info@neemtreefarms.com. Once we have the documentation we must file an insurance claim within 30 days of the shipment arrival date in order for there to be a valid claim. When these requirements are met, we will replace plants damaged in shipment within 10 days, weather permitting.

Please review growing directions carefully. In our experience, in nearly every instance that a plant fails to thrive, the directions were not followed. We sell rare tropical plants that require very specific care. The growing directions we send are the result of years of experience in growing them and working with customers.

(For best results, check the growing directions before ordering. That way, you know what is expected of you and will be ready to care for your plant when it arrives.)

If your plant fails to thrive, please email photos to info@neemtreefarms.com along with a detailed description of how it is being cared for, including name brand on the potting soil, amount of sunlight and water it receives and the name of the fertilizer you are using, if any. I’ll be glad to walk you through the most common mistakes to see if we can save your plant. We will re-ship plants that don’t do well within the first year, but we will have to charge you for the cost of shipping and handling.