We grow tropical plants that will die if they are exposed to freezing temperatures. Low temperatures must be above freezing in your location before we can ship plants to you. We’ve also learned the hard way that trees shipped to California and Washington state typically spend at least one night in Chicago on their way to you so temperatures there must be above freezing too. (Here’s a link to the site we use to check weather in other locations.)

You can place an order for trees now and we’ll ship them as quickly as we can. Please do not use Amazon or Google to pay for plants unless you’re located in the Southeastern U.S. They’re wonderful services but they get angry with us if we don’t ship within a couple of days. We’ll have to cancel your order to maintain our good ratings with them.

Our goal has always been to sell plants you are delighted to receive, not push orders out the door as fast as possible. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Note on free shipping:

Any order over $100.00 will receive free shipping with the exception of living plants. The cost to ship plants has continually gone up and we can no longer offer free shipping for any orders which contain live plants.



Recently, we’ve had far more packages damaged than ever before.

In order to replace or refund damaged products we require the following be emailed to

    A picture of BOTH the damaged product and the damaged shipping box
    Your name, the order number, and a phone number where you can be contacted