Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so protecting it is important to your overall health. Neem contains antioxidant compounds that combat free radicals. It also boosts your body’s immune system, helping it fight off allergens, bacteria and fungus that cause dry, itching and blotchy skin. Body care products from Neem Tree Farms are highly concentrated to ensure the best possible benefits.

Body Care

Neem Oil with Holy Basil
Neem Salve with Aloe & Lavender
Stream2Sea Reef-Safe Sunscreen
Anti-Itch Spray
Extra-Rich Neem Oil Lotion
Neem Anti-Itch Formula

Neem Anti-Itch Formula

Neem Oil Travel Size
Neem Oil Travel Size with Dropper
All-Natural Neem Oil

All-Natural Neem Oil

Scented Neem Oil

Scented Neem Oil

Anti-Itch Salve Stick
Citrus Splash

Citrus Splash

Neem for Nails
A Better Baby Oil
Nothing But Neem Salve Stick

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