Pet Care

Please do not use neem internally or externally on pets that are pregnant or that you expect to breed. There is no clinical research showing that neem works as a contraceptive but we’ve heard from a reputable breeder that neem oil should not be used on pregnant females, even topically. We’ve also heard from another owner that neem leaf taken internally prevented his male dog from successfully breeding. 

It’s somewhat ironic that the owners of the two largest neem companies in the country both became committed to what was then a practically unknown herb because we saw how much our pets benefited from it. Autumn Blum at Organix-South rescues Shih-Tzus, we rescue Rottweilers and Shar-Peis, all breeds that are susceptible to problems with both their skin and joints.Like humans, neem taken internally by pets can boost their immune system and provide a concentrated source of antioxidants to help combat damage caused by aging as well as environmental toxins. We typically recommend neem bark because it tastes less bitter than the leaf.

Internal supplementation

The typical rate of usage is 1/8 teaspoon of ground neem bark  per 10 pounds twice a day for 30 days, then back down to one dose a day after that. That means a 12-pound Shih-Tzu would get an eighth of a teaspoon,  a 40-pound Shar-Pei would get a half-teaspoon and a 120-pound Rottie would get 1.5 teaspoons. Some herbalists believe that patients should take a break every weekend or one week a month.

We typically melt one cup of either peanut butter or Velveeta with a cup of water, then add one cup of neem bark and feed each dog its recommended dose — they’ll literally line up for these treats! (Check your peanut butter label, though, to make sure it does not contain xylitol, which can be deadly to dogs in high doses. I haven’t seen any but I have heard that some manufacturers are using it to sweeten their peanut butter.)

If you would rather use Supercritical Neem Extract than neem bark powder, a dog that weighs less than 50 pounds should have one capsule every other day. Dogs over 50 pounds can handle one capsule daily.

Oral care

healthy dog teeth For oral care in pets,  try mixing equal amounts of neem bark and peanut butter (see note about xylitol above), then brushing or rubbing it on their teeth. Even our occasionally grumpy old Rottweiler likes the taste of peanut butter enough that he tolerates my fingers in his mouth — and his teeth are noticeably brighter since I started doing it.

Skin care

No US company has EPA approval to sell neem products that are labeled to kill or repel fleas and ticks on pets. However, our neem products will soothe itchy skin and help boost their immune systems.

Neem Tree Farms Dry Dog Shampoo contains baking soda to soak up doggy smells along with neem bark and cold-pressed neem oil to calm irritated skin — plus natural essential oils so your dog smells as healthy as it feels. Sprout’s Spray was originally formulated by a friend for an adorable mini-doxie named Sprout but it’s become one of my favorite sprays because the blend of essential oils works so well and smells so good.

Neem for Dogs, made with natural essential oils,and Neem for Cats, made with a feline-safe fragrance,  should be applied weekly during summer months.

We originally made the Anti-Itch Formula for people but dog owners are reporting great results using it on several types of skin issues. It uses the same blend of essential oils found in our dry dog shampoo and Sprout’s Spray in an all-natural formula with 30% neem oil.

Please feel free to call or write us with questions or comments on using neem for pet care — it’s a subject near and dear to our hearts! We also support animal rescue groups. If you’re part of a 501c3 organization, please give us a call to set up a wholesale account so you can purchase neem products at a significant discount.

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