Neem Tree Farms has exclusive distribution rights in Florida to the first full-spectrum neem oil with an EPA-registered label. NimBioSysTM Neem Oil Biological Insecticide is labeled to treat a wide variety of pests including aphids, beetles, stink bugs, leafhoppers, whiteflies, mealy bugs, mites, weevils, scale and thrips. According to the EPA, the cold-pressed neem oil “will not cause adverse effects to humans and other nontarget organisms when used according to label directions.”

The biggest difference between NimBioSys biological insecticide and other EPA-registered neem products is that it contains azadirachtin, which is generally considered to be the most important insect-controlling compound in neem. Until NimBioSys, azadirachtin had been removed from neem formulations with EPA-registered labels and sold separately.

We can currently ship NimBioSys to customers in every state except Alaska and New York where registration has not been finalized. (We’ll continue to ship 100% neem oil across the country but it won’t have the EPA-registered label.)

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