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It’s been so crazy here we totally forgot to post new specials last weekend. The greenhouse is looking great with thousands of seedlings growing as fast as they can, and we’re getting lots and lots of really encouraging comments from customers. It’s particularly gratifying when someone new calls and says they’re a friend of an old customer and can see how much better they look and feel since they started using neem. If we don’t say so often enough — thank you!!! Your comments and referrals are why we’ve been so successful.

  • We’re heading into the time of year where we start cutting neem trees way back. If they go into cold weather with new growth, the leaf looks better in the spring than it would if we left it this year’s growth on the trees. That means we’ll have lots of extra fresh neem leafchew sticks and ceremonial branches so they’re priced at half off. Obviously it’s a limited time offer but it will probably run through Thanksgiving when everything should be well trimmed back.
  • We’ve heard so many amazing things about the neem leaf cream that we’ve been focusing on it instead of long-time favorites like the all-natural facial serum. With cooler weather coming, the serum’s rich botanical formulation provides extra protection from the cold dry air. We’ll offer at half price for the month — and please let us know what you think, especially if you’ve been using the cream for the summer. (Don’t forget that the serum is also available as a sample if you’d like to try it before you buy it.)
  • Six Way Neem CapsulesSpeaking of cooler air and back to school, we were nicely reminded that we haven’t put the Six-Way Neem Capsules on sale lately. The new bottles with 120 capsules last the average person four months, assuming you take one per day.

If you’ve been wondering about “Neem in the News,” we haven’t published anything recently because all the recent research has been so complicated. The conclusions have all been good, but the research is rapidly going past the question of “does it work?” to why it works. Let us know if you have any specific questions and we’ll try to dig deeper and figure it out!

And don’t forget Open Greenhouse and Garden on Oct. 6 — the weather should be slightly cooler and we’ll have lots of plants to share, including Daikon radish (mooli) seeds which already are popping up from last year’s plants.

Have a super weekend and thanks for reading our newsletter!

Vicki & the Neem Team



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