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We regularly get questions from parents about what neem products they should use on a baby, particularly a baby with itches that aren’t clearing up when they use petroleum-based products like vaseline or baby oil made with mineral oil.

Our version smells just like the classic, but it’s made with botanical oils that soak in quickly and nourish sensitive skin with antioxidants. Obviously, we had to use a chemical scent to get that favorite fragrance, but it’s less than one percent of the product and contains no phthalates.

It’s a great choice for grown-ups who love that special scent too because high levels of antioxidants help protect skin from damage caused by sun or other environmental issues.

8 ounces

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, sesame oil, jojoba, neem oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, fragrance.

5 reviews for A Better Baby Oil

  1. stephanie

    My family has A LOT of skin problems which does not allow us to us many products. I have to say this stuff is amazing! No more itchy dry skin and no adverse reactions. I was very skeptical to use it on my 9 month old because he always rubs his face and puts his hands in his mouth and eats the lotion/oil but with this you don’t have to worry because there is no added chemicals or things that could harm him if he ingested them. I love this stuff and would recommend it to everyone.

  2. Terry

    This stuff if amazing, Im a mom and foster mom, this stuff works wonders on all skin conditions. I also use their face serum, you cant find better stuff or more bang for your buck…

  3. Deborah

    I love this baby oil! It moisturizes and makes my skin soft and smooth.
    Deborah Roberts

  4. Yvonne

    The product is great. I use it when giving a massage to mask the Neem smell. Only problem is that for me, Neem and Baby oil scent just does not go together. I think citrus is the match and and I should get the plain Neem oil and blend it with Lemon essential oil. (I know about the photo toxicity of citrus oils but I’m an inside with the drapes drawn person.) But as an oil, it’s great. People I massage never mind the scent. It’s just me and I wanted to mention it for others who have my same heightened sense of smell where things just have to “go together.” – I love Neem oil on a foot that I think has a fungal infection. I have scratched this to bleeding and pulling out chunks of skin. This is the only thing that calms that itch and is healing my badly damaged foot skin. It was spreading to the other foot but that has completely stopped since using the oil. I put on a thick layer before bed and cover with cotton socks. To more waking to that maddening itching. – Another curiosity is that my neuropathy in that foot will cease for the day that it is applied. This is the only thing I use that makes that difference. I can’t explain why. Just glad not to have that burning pain. – I know it’s not fair to dock it one star about a smell issue probably only related to me, but I have not actually purchased the plain Neem oil yet. This review should be copied there, with 5 stars, when that happens.

  5. Terry

    This stuff ROCKS, it should be 10 stars. Having a child with eczema I have tried so many things, but this stuff right now you can’t even tell the child has it! I strayed and fell in the trap for a natural eczema treatment and my child paid for it, never again! I’m back. I have been using neem for years, and by far Neem Tree Farms is the best place to buy it. BUY IT, you will thank me

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