Best Price Ever on Neem Seedlings!

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Our best price ever on gorgeous neem seedlings that will grow like Jack in the Beanstalk once they’re in bigger pots!

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Our greenhouse overfloweth!

We had a bumper crop of seedlings last year and we’re well on our way to outdoing that this year. We already have dozens of flats filled with baby neem trees pushing their beautiful little heads up in a hot and humid summer (their favorite).

We should actually be transplanting these seedlings into larger pots to sell as trees next year, but there would be too many to keep in the greenhouse over the winter.

So they’re on sale for our best price ever — three seedlings, each more than 12 inches tall — for just $25.00.

They’re usually two for $29.99 so you’ll save nearly $20 with this great buy.

The seedlings we’ve already transplanted into larger pots are well over three feet tall in less than two months so you should have gorgeous trees by the time you need to move them inside for the winter — or ready to go into the ground next spring if you live in a frost-free climate.

And while supplies last, we’re giving away the remaining neem seeds that we haven’t planted. Germination may not be as good as it was when they first got here, but they’re fresh enough that we’d rather share them than keep them — and we don’t need any more seedlings here!

Be sure to check out “Growing Neem Seedlings” and our plant replacement policy before you order!

(Maximum order is nine plants or contact for larger quantities.)



9 reviews for Best Price Ever on Neem Seedlings!

  1. Joseph Hegedus

    The seedlings arrived In great shape. They were just as described. The seedlings were ready to be transplanted into larger pots. They were well over three feet tall. I can’t wait in plant some gorgeous Neem trees into the ground next spring. They already started to grow new leaves 🍁
    I am very happy with my purchase.

  2. balldan27

    Very happy with my purchase 😊

  3. Beth Italia

    I love my baby neem trees. They came very healthy and of course they still need time to adjust but I am seeing them slowly beginning to adjust to their new environment and bigger size pot. They are really beautiful to look at.


    I ordered my 3 neem seedlings 1 st week of August ! Today is August 31st and they are so much grown and doing so well !!! Grown over 3 inches !!! I am so impressed that I am tempted to make another order !!
    Can’t wait for my neem trees to become huge beautiful trees !!!
    Thank you neem farm !!!

  5. stone23rk

    I ordered 3 neem seedlings sometime in beginning of August. The seedlings arrived in very good shape. I planted them in 2 gallon pots. I used Miracle Grow organic potting mix. I think soil had too much peat moss in it. I may have overwatered it too. The soil held too much water and 2 of my plants got black flies. I sprayed mixture of orange oil and neem oil and I changed soil in one of the pot after some days. One plant died and 2 are living and growing. I check them every day. I am happy to see new leaves on them but some of the old ones died. I am thinking of fertilizing them. I live in bay area, California. For last few days they are outdoors day and night. Once the temperature drops I will bring them inside. Any suggestions from your side will be welcome. Thanks for growing Neem. Raj

  6. Beth Italia

    I decided to write a second review as I recently purchased more neem seedlings. I think I am understanding them more. They do need some time alone when they first arrive. I mean they seem very sensitive being they just finished long travel…I have found that when I just unpack them and leave them in stillness for at least half a week they seem to relax. I didn’t water them when they arrived as they had a nice wet soil when they arrived. They just needed to relax. Then I let them little by little enter more fully into the light little at a time and repotted after another week. The shock wasn’t as bad as I experienced with the first batch I ordered. Now I have a bundle of them who have been transplanted into larger pots and new growth has begun. It does take a few weeks until they get situated. Definitely keep them out of the wind. I found they do not like that in the beginning. Once they have time to grow more they will adjust but not right from the getgo. They are still babies. I have a few who are going into new growth as well as the older leaves becomin g rich dark green. Lovely trees they are and I am intrigued as I follow them on their journey!

  7. Tammy Brown

    My new Neem seedlings are perfect. They arrived in great condition and are doing good after a couple of weeks. Just ordered the recommended fertilizer to keep these trees thriving. As the freezing temps have hit TX the seedlings are in the house under grow lights.

  8. Acela Cruz

    The seedlings arrived in good condition. I’m keeping them inside for now as we are expecting cold temps this week.

  9. Deomati Kataruka

    I received my plants on saturday and 2 plants is ok but the third one has no leaves it fell off, i have them inside because it is cold outside i will put them in a pot

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