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1 review for Check out our newest soaps

  1. Yvonne

    1-Price is unbeatable! Yes, it costs more than Supermarket soap, but that is loaded with chemicals we have rejected and landed us at this site. I compared this natural artisan soap to others that run $14/bar!
    2-Shampoo bar. I was looking for small, nonleakable shampoo for camping. I found many shampoo bars which just seem to be soap bars. I got these and used a Cutco cheese knife to quarter them and use on camping or out of town, hotel trips.
    3-I have very dry hair so I like the oils in this soap that remain after hair washing.
    4-Another reviewer on this site thought that the shampoo was to expensive. I love their shampoo, but I does want to waste the healing benefits on cleaning out lots of hair product. So I save a bit of money by washing all of that out with the bar soap first and then to the final cleaning with the Neem shampoo.

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