Neem Bark Powder for Pets

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Neem bark powder is probably our most popular product for pets. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, tastes better than neem leaf — and most pet owners see a significant difference in their furbabies in less than two weeks. Learn more here.

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13 reviews for Neem Bark Powder for Pets

  1. Louann

    Great product! I make a neem infusion – 1 heaping Tbsp in a pint jar, add boiling water, stir, close the lid and let sit overnight. The next morning I strain 1/4 of the liquid into a cup and add water and drink it. So this is good for 4 days.

    Neem infusion was on advice of my guru who said it should be drank daily on an empty stomach. Although the advice is to boil it for 15-min then drink, I find this easier way creates an infusion that is just as bitter. I enjoy the bitterness. I even used the powder once on a mosquito bite and it took the itch right out!

  2. Jacklyn-Rhea

    I’ve been adding this to my dogs food and I have noticed quite an improvement to their coat and skin. I have one dog that is especially sensitive to flea bites. It’s a constant battle with him. Once I started adding this to his food his skin really cleared up. He still gets itchy, but I find it less severe and he doesn’t have the big red spots on his legs from constantly gnawing on them anymore. I suggest trying it if your dog has skin problems. Give it at least 1-2 weeks to start noticing a difference. You may also have to add something tasty to their food at first b/c it does change the taste, but once they got used to it they don’t seem to mind it anymore.

  3. CFreebury101

    I mix up the powder with peanut butter and water. However, I have 2 Jack Russell Terriers and mixing a cup of powder, peanut butter, and water last a long time. Can I keep mixing up the 1 cup of each and then freeze them into individual sized portions?

    • Vicki

      You can freeze it or you can reduce the recipe, just make it half and half of whatever size you want.


    I recently purchased some of this to mix with peanut butter to clean up my dog’s teeth. I was skeptical, but I must say I am amazed at how quickly it works. My doberman’s teeth had quite a bit of plaque at first. Now after just 3 times, over half of it is gone. He simply loves it. I make peanut butter balls with this powder and he wolfs it down. Will definitely be getting more.

  5. elliotbaron1966

    I have been giving my dog neem supplements since he was a puppy. I switched him to the neem bark powder one year ago since he had the removal of an eye lid tumor. I was ordering this product from another supplier who could no longer sell it. The Neem Tree Farms Staff has been very helpful and I am happy to order from them. Thank you

  6. Sean


  7. Naomi

    First, thank you so much for the Neem Bark powder. I’ve been giving my kitty’s 1/8 tsp and I do see a little more pep in the ‘ol boys step! I soaked the fresh leaves and made a spray which works great. Still have to try out the chew sticks, the anti-itch stick works right away, will try out the nothing but Neem stick when it’s mushroom hunting time in the forest. Thank you again for your kind help, I will most certainly be a returning customer.

  8. Marianne

    I have been using 1/4 teas Neem bark powder for over 5 years now for each of my little poodles as the mainstay for keeping their immune systems working well enough that critters aren’t an issue for them. I mix it with some canned pumpkin in their kibble…. they love it. A couple of months ago, I kept forgetting to reorder and they were without for the first time in many a moon. We didn’t have an issue with critters, but I noticed a dramatic increase in a reverse sneeze (breathing difficulty) they used to get often before Neem days. I now feel the Neem has also protected them from allergens that can easily cause this painful sounding reverse sneeze. I ordered a pound this time so we don’t run out. I think their vet is now convinced too on the positive benefits of adding Neem on a daily basis. Thank you!

  9. Pamela

    I give it to my dog mixed with peanut butter and her skin has never looked better. She has always had dry skin but this year was terrible, she was losing her hair and if you didn’t know better you would have thought she was a hairless breed. But not now her black hair is back and beautiful and better looking than it has ever been.
    Thank you all very much.

  10. Gail

    Well, I have been giving this to my dogs now for about a week, I have 3 , 1 is paralyzed, but she gets around. I have noticed in the short time, that she is more mobile, more desire to get around w/o her cart & more perky, the other 2, teeth look better & the “itchies” have slowed down. I will be a continued user of this wonderful product!!!! Thanks!!! Doggie smooches from Phoebe, Scarlet & Maxine!!!!!

  11. epostaldeb

    The Neem Bark powder for my dogs is working great. I’ve used this before from a company that stopped carrying it so I was so happy when I found you. Your product is great and prices are awesome. It had helped with tarter on their teeth, breath and hopefully with some liver issues with one dog.
    Thank you for your product and I will be ordering again.

  12. Connie

    My daughters German Shepard is 8 and have very bad hip issues. She is so much better after a month on the Neem bark. I used it from you years ago on one of my fur babies and loved it then. So glad I remembered and started my daughters dog on it.

  13. jsonika

    I have a 100 lb, 7 year old German Shepherd and have noticed some slowing down. I started giving him 2 teaspoons of need bark everyday and definitely notice some improvement in his energy levels. His hair seems softer too and he is less itchy as well. Thank you so much!

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