Neem Bark Soap

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All of our all-natural soaps start off with the same base, using neem leaf, neem oil and fresh aloe vera. Then we add different “flavors” to make them particularly useful for specific skin conditions.

Neem bark soap was the second “flavor” we created and still one of our top-sellers. It’s particularly suitable for people looking for a facial soap with a gentle exfoliant. We grind neem bark to a fine powder and add it to the soap. It’s doesn’t feel gritty but you can feel a slight abrasion as you use it.

Besides working as an effective exfoliant, neem bark has many of the same properties as neem leaf. It’s traditionally used an as anti-microbial, anti-fungal and immune system booster. * With those qualities in mind, neem bark soap is best used as a mask. Just lather up, put the soap where it will be most effective and wait until it dries.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Neem Tree Farms does not sell products that are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or control any disease in humans or their pets.

1 review for Neem Bark Soap

  1. Jatera

    I like the rich lather of this soap. It has a pleasant, light scent and is very calming to my skin. Has reduced itchiness that I was experiencing.

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