Neem Bark Soap

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All-natural “real” soap without detergents or artificial emollients — and just enough powered neem bark to exfoliate gently.

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All of our all-natural soaps start off with the same base, using neem leaf, neem oil and fresh aloe vera. Then we add different “flavors” to make them particularly useful for specific skin conditions.

Neem bark soap was the second “flavor” we created and still one of our top-sellers. It’s particularly suitable for people looking for a facial soap with a gentle exfoliant. We grind neem bark to a fine powder and add it to the soap. It’s doesn’t feel gritty but you can feel a slight abrasion as you use it.

Besides working as an effective exfoliant, neem bark has many of the same properties as neem leaf. It’s traditionally used an as anti-microbial, anti-fungal and immune system booster. * With those qualities in mind, neem bark soap is best used as a mask. Just lather up, put the soap where it will be most effective and wait until it dries.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Neem Tree Farms does not sell products that are intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or control any disease in humans or their pets.

4 reviews for Neem Bark Soap

  1. Kari Perkins

    I have very sensitive skin & have been using these soaps for several years now. This one is my and my husband’s favorite of the unscented ones. It’s good and foamy and I’m not itchy after my shower! Win!

  2. zionseth

    I alternate two different soaps right now. I’m having trouble choosing which is my favorite. I just know this soap is not drying and I never want to be without it. Thank You Need Tree Farms.

  3. chaydurham13

    This neem bark soap is amazing! I love getting soaps from Neem Tree Farms because they work so well on my skin and last a long time! Normally I have trouble finding something that works for me since I have dry and easily irritated skin. Not anymore! This in particular I love because of the bark! It allows a good scrub leaving you feeling super clean without damaging the skin. Not to mention, these soaps do not have an overpowering scent where other companies that have scented soaps without neem leave you with a migraine headache. This neem bark soap is one of my favorites and I have to buy it each time I place an order for soap! If you’re looking for something to work, you’ve found it! Just add to your cart and buy!

  4. Joyce Schoonover

    I live this soap it cleans and removes odors that other soaps just mask. When I use this soap my skin doesn’t dry out and feels cleaner and fresh.

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