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Buy one all-natural neem bark toothpowder — any flavor — and get one free, only by using this link. Let us know which flavor you’d like in the comment section:

  •  The original, still top-selling neem bark with cinnamon and cloves
  •  Cinnamon and cloves with xylitol for added sweetness
  •  Peppermint with xylitol for the purists who expect a minty flavor.
  •  Neem bark charcoal


Neem toothpowder was the first product  we ever formulated on our own (with help from an international group of herbalists) who had been using straight neem bark. That works, but it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Neem bark toothpowder was created to taste as good as it works!

We’ve blended baking soda, cinnamon and cloves — also traditionally used for oral care — with our neem bark and then added diatomaceous earth for its bio-available calcium. In fact, it’s so effective that we can guarantee you’ll see a difference in your teeth. Fair warning, though, that we’ve honored that guarantee only twice in the last 20 years.

Learn more about why you should be using toothpowder instead of toothpaste here:

It’s still brown and it doesn’t fizz but year-in and year-out, neem bark toothpowder is consistently among our topsellers. If you’re still not sure about trying it even at this great price, check our reviews.

Here are a few to whet your interest:

  • “We are now going on nearly 5 years as a family of Neem Bark toothpowder users. I foolishly purchased the “big guys” neem tooth powder on leading shopping site two weeks ago. Tonight I just ordered a 4 pack of Neem Tree Farms products to get things straight. Neem Tree Farms products have the actual products as advertised, the other guys have very nice packaging, the stevia flavoring is intense, and the effect is not even close. If you want clean…use Neem Tree Farms….”
  • “I just got back from the dentist. In the past I had excessive tartar build-up; going to the dentist for a cleaning was an ordeal. I have been using the Neem toothpowder and toothpaste for a year now. My cleaning today was quick and painless. The hygienist was very impressed. Great product.”
  • “I have used Neem Bark Toothpowder for about four or five years and I wouldn’t be without it. When used with neem toothpaste it makes your teeth feel like you’ve been to the dentist! I highly recommend Neem Bark Toothpowder. The price is excellent and a jar lasts a long time.”



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