Neem Flowers for Ugadi


We can’t stock fresh neem flowers year-round, but we do try to keep the dry flowers in stock, especially for celebrations like Ugadi.

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We’ve tried practically everything to get fresh neem flowers for Ugadi — high-level grow lights to simulate spring time, extra fertilizer and water starting in February, and planting some trees where they get shade in the winter but sun in the summer.

Nothing worked to any degree, so we’re stuck with dried neem flowers for Ugadi. We get the last batch from Mexico every summer so they’re as fresh as we can get them.

The issue is that neem flowers are like poinsettias that bloom at Christmas — except they bloom when the days get longer in springtime. Since Florida is so much further north than India, we don’t get blooms until late April or sometimes early May depending upon rainfall.

If you’re getting neem branches for Ugadi, we’ll hold the orders to ship together and save you the cost of shipping two packages. Otherwise, we can ship the flowers immediately.


1 ounce but they’re so fluffy it’s about a half-cup of flowers



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