Neem Oil Cream & Toner Special


Buy our top-selling neem oil cream and try our brand-new, all-natural toner for free. (It’s so new, we don’t even have a photograph.)




We can’t count the number of requests for neem leaf toner we’ve gotten over the years. We think this one fits the bill — made with neem leaf, neem flowers, witch hazel and distilled water, we think it works for all skin types. We’re testing it now with a free two-ounce bottle — let us know what you think!

And are you wondering why we’ve paired a rich cream with a toner that works for teens? It’s because one of the most important causes of “incurable” non-cystic acne is overdry skin. It’s easy to remove all oil, but when you do, your body reacts by creating even more oil in a vicious circle that results in even more pimples.

Use the toner twice a day and the cream sparingly at night — you’ll be amazed at the results!

(It’s great for mature skin too, it corrects pH and tighten pores without causing that “crinkly” feeling you get with some toners.)




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