Neem Soap with Honey & Oats

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BOGO while supplies last! Our neem, honey and oats soap is now better than ever.

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Nope, our neem soap with honey and oats isn’t good enough to eat!

It is, however, exceptionally beneficial for skin. Our partner in Mexico grows honey on a carbon-neutral farm that also produces many of the other soap “flavors,” including moringa, papaya, vick’s and aloe. We blend raw honey into our neem and aloe soap base.

Besides the warm, fuzzy parts of beekeeping, honey has proven benefits for skincare:

  •  It’s a humectant that attracts moisture and keeps in locked in your skin.
  • For teens with oil skin, honey minimizes inflammation and works as an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent infections
  •  Honey also is a powerful antioxidant which helps protect skin from environmental stresses and damaging sun.
  •  Honey is traditionally used as a wound dressing to promote healing. The sugars in honey minimize the growth of microorganisms that can cause infection. They also interact with weeping wounds to create hydrogen peroxide that provides additional antibacterial effects.

Oats provide complimentary benefits because they:

  • Are packed with saponins which are natural cleansers
  •  Minimize inflammation that causes blotchy red skin
  •  Gently exfoliate even very sensitive skin that cannot tolerate more abrasive substances
  •  Contain high levels of protein and lipids that work as an humectant and emollient
  •  Have been used for centuries to calm itching

Learn more about our natural soap-making process here.


2 reviews for Neem Soap with Honey & Oats

  1. Hilda

    so far I tried all your soaps I cut mine in half and put in each bathroom My husband uses them
    so THAT’s a Plus!!!!!!!!Hildy

  2. jriver56

    Mild gentle and not an over powering smell. I really like and it’s great for sensitive skin.

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